Brake Caliper - 92mm

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Brake caliper. Used on a wide range of products these calipers are most commonly (but not exclusively) found on 50cc to 500cc ATV's, UTV's, scooters, motorcycles, dune buggies, go karts and other powersports and personal transportation products. This caliper works with our caliper assemblies 90A2270, 90A4220 and 90A4225.

    Associated Products:
  • 90A2270 Hand/Front Brake Lever and Double Caliper Assembly
  • 90A4220 Foot/Rear Brake Lever and Caliper Assembly, 51cm Line
  • 90A4225 Foot/Rear Brake Lever and Caliper Assembly, 61cm Line
  • Threaded Bolt Mount (centre to centre): 64mm
  • Approx Height: 61mm
  • Approx Width: 72mm
  • Approx Length: 92mm

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